Printed packaging on roll and finished bags

Converflex expresses both rolling stock and finished bags with unique customer printing for use in the packaging industry. Paper-based products not only mean that it is a renewable source, but also that they can be reused in the production of other paper-based products. By selecting materials with correct properties, material usage is minimized while meeting the requirements of the product’s user properties. This contributes to cost and environmental efficiency.

The company’s customers operate in a tough market with fierce competition for consumer market share. In order to succeed, constant innovation is required in the marketing of products and companies. Rapid switching, targeted campaigns, and awareness-raising packages are all the more important tools in the struggle for consumers.

Co-operation with Converflex offers great flexibility and continuous new opportunities when it comes to “stick it’s neck out” on the market.

Printed bags

The SOS bags (stand bags) that Converflex offers can be equipped with advanced forms of design. This production line was installed 2016/2017 and can handle color combinations up to 10 colors. The material is paper or paper with some kind of laminated latch, often pe-plastic. The possibility of windows on the bags makes the content visible to the consumer. Some examples of products suitable for these bags are muesli, oatmeal, flour, sugar and candy.