Advantages of flexo printing

Flexo printing is an increasingly common printing method, when it comes to different types of packaging. The method is economically advantageous, as it offers greater flexibility than traditional depth printing. This is especially true when printing shorter series, as flexotry gives shorter turnaround times and lower boot costs.
The technical development has meant that flexotry now meets high demands on quality, including multi-color printing and photographic reproduction.

Customer needs control

Converflex printing processes are continuously evolving based on new technological capabilities and the growing demand for fast switches for time-limited campaigns and activities. In the huge range of goods it is of the utmost importance to be seen on the shelves and to stand out in the crowd.

Converflex’s priorities and investments are largely controlled based on these customer needs. In close consultation with customers and end users, new solutions are constantly being developed, which further enhance the quality and increase the efficiency of the printing process. And as such, it also increases customer competitiveness in the market. What appears sells.

Today, Converflex’s printing is in print on two printing presses, an 8-color and a 10-color. In 2012, a new 10-color printing press was installed, which further improved capacity and quality. Converflex AB is “HD-Flexo” certified. This means that you belong to the best in the industry, for example development and range of flex quality.